Child care. Eggs for kids


Eggs are definitely one of a most helpful diet food. Presence in them required for the aging body of vitamins, amino acids, healthy fats and proteins, minerals, production eggs essential in a human food. But already with this, egg are as well considered to be one of the strongest allergens, but because in lots of the use is not recommended. And more as, it is prudent and responsible to approach a issue of introduction of eggs in a food of children. Talk some how to give eggs to infants or not, need not occur: a product must be present in a kid's day menu. That's just to teach the baby to a egg to gradually and small by little, how however not to cause the adverse effects.

Initially, a schedule for need be administered yolk crumbs, because it can cause allergic protein. Start using the yolk in fresh food a child can keep up to a year: for a children to "synthetic" food yolk permitted with 6.5 weeks, and babies who are fed warm milk - with 7 months. However, make a tightly-boiled egg, it must be separated from a yolk and a good mix it with warm milk, blend, puree. Features a whole yolk give a small child is not recommended: 1-st have to check the child's reaction to the new product. For this is enough for a quarter of a tsp., and give however much yolk to three days. All this time, nicely check a condition of the facial skin and mucous membranes in a presence of baby hives.

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