Newborn. Cribs


1st crib may be called a sacred place of your newborn, because the child 1st months of their lives in a dream. How a choice of a bed for a child is a most responsible approach.

A substances of which will be made bed must be organic - no paint, no paint, alone solid wood and plywood. Tree - an environmentally friendly material that is pleasant to a touch, non-toxic, "breathes". Best of the best - cherry, beech, birch, alder, maple. Cheapest pine because it is softer and easily scratched. Covered cot can be non-toxic, aqua-based varnish, more beds are made with MDF and particle board, but with such furniture is to be alert and be sure to check the property certificates. Do not forget, too, that in our time, the material can easily fake wood. And so, reading the certificate, is, how to say, "test" bed for durability and quality. For example, try to scratch it. If traces remain, a covering of poor quality.

A cot want not be protruding parts that can crash off and swallow. Conveniently, when in bed two, and even 3-level box. Child dipped below the wall, and a child are older - taller, however he could have at the wall beds. By a method, comfortably, if one of a walls fall, but yet quiet - convenient to moms and dads.

Backs cots are lath and solid. Every woman - the pluses. Pinion - right breathable and do not restrict ventilation. Solid - protect from bright lightness. The ideal height of any back - 60 centimeters and above.

The influential role played crib bumpers. If a sleeper baby will be close to a parent bed, that removing a position, It is possible to feed the baby without taking it out of the crib and staying on the own site.

It is serious to pay attention to a bottom of the crib: child mattress must "breathe", especially if the newborn is asleep without cloth and can have wet. Note: Uninterrupted bottom may cause mold.

A distance with the upper ceiling rails to the mattress in the lowest position it want be at least 66 centimeters distance 'tween a crib bars want not be less than 2.5 centimeter and not more than 6 centimeter

Crib mattress should fit snugly on all the walls, there want be no gaps - a feet or hands newborn chance they do not have stuck.

Standard sizing crib 120 * 60 cm, but it is - not a constant: a sizing can vary.

Cot on wheels - easy to move. There is a rocking crib: but want look closely when buying, a feet of such beds were recorded.

Pop in recent years and have get a crib. It is compact, equipped with wheels to reshuffle, carrying handles: cover it removable, washable. Child in the crib how comfortable however in my mom's tummy. But this - a newborn, but newborn a some older yet enjoy to buy a new one - more - crib.

Crib-transformers may push in width and length. A crib is rightly with changing desk, shelves, built-in drawers for bed and funs. They are much more expensive, but saves space in the rooms. Bed-cots for those who loves to travel. If a bed to lay down, then it will compact and convenient travel bag.

Part of cots are designed for up to 2 years, but there are about that may be transformed, how a heart desires: you are longer and move apart, turned into children's couch.

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