Newborn maintenance. The flu shot for children


In presently's world a question of vaccination is more serious, how normal citizens, however well however moms and dads who are vaccinated or not to vaccinate their infants. Thanks to television. Press and beloved Internet, opinions vary opposite often did not have to the root of a matter. A lot of moms and dads, having read the frightening statistics about a grave consequences of grafting, or worse, death, simply refuse the kind of vaccination. Others, on a contrary, at the slightest provocation strive to "defend" the baby, independently assigning him a course of vitamins or enrolling in systemic vaccination of anything.

Judge, of course, a finish thing, so I decided to help sort out this issue and avoid the most common mistakes. Suggest on immunization with a friend who is an infectious disease, as good how re-read lots of medicinal literature, that you may not suspect a trick.

Let's beginning with alarming statistics. Читать полностью -->

However to pick a playpen?


Purchasing arena, be careful, pick a model known enterprises with a certificate and a license to manufacture items for babies.

Buying arena, create sure that:

When folding playpen uprights automatically snap into put their locks;

Side of a area grid arena is less than 6 mm;

If riding a wooden, the distance between a vertical bars are less than 6 cm (the same standard as for the vertical slats cot).

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Moms. What antipyretic choose?


Doctors often recommend a use of candles. You are fast acting and irreplaceable when the child refuses to drink the medicine. A older children prefer syrup. About a effectiveness of the drug: size equally great ibuprofen and paracetamol (synonyms - dofalgan, Panadol, kalpol, meksalen, dolomol, efferalgan, Tylenol). And a first has also analgesic capacity (but is contraindicated in the 1-st 0.5 of your). A paracetamol - a cure for a unique security. Читать полностью -->

Moms. How to make mashed newborn


Ricer select only recent, preferably homemade, and no processed vegetables. Wash well ablution and rinse again - better than stewing h2o. Cover with hot water and cook until tender. It is recommended to make steamed vegetables or a small volume of liquidity. After the water drain, mash with a spoon done much, dilute a remaining veggie soup, milk, throw in a natural butter and light prisolit brine (though most modern advises pediatricians to do entirely without salt). Now, again, bring a lot to a seethe and treats her prince or princess.

Regarding watermelon puree, berries here following thorough wash basically just grinded blender. Читать полностью -->

Care of a newborn. Immunodeficiency states in kids


Young moms and dads is helf to know that a foundation of a character is laid in the 1st three years of your. At this time, it is influential to pay particular striving to education. Should try to inculcate a baby reasonable attitudes and practices, respect for elders, educate friendliness, honesty, compassion, teach, teach discipline.

Kids tend to imitate adults, however it is much serious to a personal example.

In a your of every baby come certain minutes that adults dubbed "crisis." At this time, on a one hand, a child has a significant breakthrough in the construction, but on the other - a careful, ofttimes negative, attitude towards others, and to what is happening around. Parents complain that the child became uncontrollable, angry, moody, inadequate. This is mainly due to the newborn moved to a new phase of construction and mental health, he learned something, anything needs to be. At the present time the child feels variant - more mature - takes a new attitude, and with it behave the same. Читать полностью -->

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