Attention of a baby. If a baby refuses to eat bisque


Correctly, you must first find out the taste preferences of the palate. Perhaps you add to the dish anything that crumbs do not similar more much.

Secondly, strive to connect the child to make a meal. Any child with delight to wash out vegetables for lunch or fill up in a pan rump. And if all this will take place under a support of a fantastic story on a subject, he will demand to at least strive what came of it.

Ofttimes children eat, however to speak, for a company. Sit down at a dinner table all the family. Can you put the device and Bunny. Читать полностью -->

Soups for babies under one year


We've learned that lunch want certainly be bisque. However we were taught back in the Soviet kindergartens, as taught today in the gardens of our children and however say most Russian pediatricians and parents. But is it really required for kids broth? Controversy on this subject only inflame. Many Western pediatricians believe that if a child does not should to eat first - no issue with that. He will fill the body's need for fluids other method. Russian, doctors assured: in a regime of our infants want certainly be broth, each time!

By and big, it is still decided by the moms and dads. Читать полностью -->

Service of a child. Optimal portion


Many moms wonder how much a baby must eat soup at a time. Of course, there are all individually, much depends on consumer food preferences, and specifically of his age. But yet averaged optimal infant portion of broth, given that there will be, and second, must be:

Up to 2 years old infants may eat about the size of 120-150 ml of a 1st;

2 to 3 years, the optimal portion of broth is 150-180ml;

Infants under 6 may right overpower 180-200 ml bisque.

There is even a rule in the range of a suitable age for a broth dish: diameter of its bottom must be about like a baby's palm.

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Attention of a baby. Plum or Veggie?


It should be said that pediatricians do not agree where to start solid foods: with fresh vegetables or fruits. Extremely many of them are for fresh vegetables, leading quite a strong case, for example, you are easier to digest (however heating-treated), contain no sugar and no appetite for interrupting sweet tasting (it may be that after a delicious red apple newborn refuses "tasteless "potatoes).

In addition, they are used so a dessert or a snack between meals, and raw vegetables provide a full lunch or dinner (comfortably, at first alone addition to it).

Current pediatricians generally advised to postpone it until 6 months at least (if you keep enough warm natural milk and child health in ordering), and not to introduce solid foods at all.

In a case, we To the note that a introduction of mash with a spoon should follow the chief rules of introduction of complementary foods and start with alone a teaspoonful, gradually increasing a dose.

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Maintenance of a baby. Treatment of anemia in babies


Souffle cooked meat (with 1 to 1.5 years)

After a year of a newborn may along strive to give steam omelets, which is in a yolk. And eighteen weeks of age may get to teach a baby and to a protein. To do this, create a hard-boiled eggs, it must be separated with a yolk and add to a small amount (some the tip of a spoon) protein. All this need be good rub and slowly to give the newborn. Typically, a protein is correctly tolerated in infants, alone some rash, stomach or intestinal disorders. In this case, a protein of the schedule for should be excluded. Читать полностью -->

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