Care of a newborn. Therapy of rubella in babies


Child needs rest, helf care, good nutrition and drinking plenty of fluids (juices, strawberries drinks, jelly, natural milk green tea). No specific medication for rubella is not: a medic prescribes antipyretics, analgesics, etc. In a recovery period should give a baby a multivitamin, or you can make for him vitamins teas.

Vitamin green tea

Required: 2 spoon l. Hips, TWO tablespoon l. Black currant, 200 ml of h2o.

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Mothers. Treatment of anemia in babies


Souffle cooked fresh meat (with 1 to 1.5 years)

After a year of a child may yet strive to give steam omelets, which is in a yolk. And eighteen months of age may start to teach a baby and to a protein. To do this, create a tightly-boiled egg, it must be separated from the yolk and add to a small capacity (some a tip of a spoonful) protein. All this should be goodness rub and slowly to give a child. Typically, the protein is well tolerated in kids, alone any rash, stomach or intestinal disorders. In this case, a protein of a regimen should be excluded. Читать полностью -->

Baby. Puree for children


There is a mandatory questions, which should be informed is every mum. These include the puree for child. Because if not all mothers breastfeed, or just do not all enjoy to deal with infant formula, a foods want eventually introduce any baby. And to create it complete, you possess much to consider.

Now we'll talk size the first in the child's life adult dish - the sauce.

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As to choose a playpen?


Purchasing arena, be careful, choose a model known companies with a certificate and a license to manufacture items for babies.

Buying arena, make sure that:

When folding playpen uprights automatically snap into place their locks;

Position of the area grid arena is less than 6 mm;

If riding a wooden, the distance between the vertical bars are less than 6 cm (the same standard so for the vertical slats cot).

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